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Arecon Data is seeking partners with our goal to provide the best services to our customers. We are currently seeking partners with compatible technologies targeted at the Oil & Gas industry. Examples would be land management, engineering, seismology, GIS, and portable hardware suppliers, hardware providers for RFID readers, or big data analysis. To inquire about partnering with Arecon Data please email


As a premium provider of laser measuring technology Digi-Tally™ is a valued tool for inspection services, pipe yards, logistics centers, and rig usage. With features to export the data to file, Digi-Tally™ can be used in the field then integrated with your tubular management software.

Arecon Data and Digi-Tally™ have formed a strategic alliance to bring the most comprehensive solution possible to tubular management.

Fielding Systems

Fielding Systems offers two robust Oil & Gas applications. The company’s ScadaVisor product monitors flow computers, compressors, pipelines and other equipment 24/7, providing reporting that’s accessible anywhere/anytime via the Internet. FieldVisor, a web-accessible field data capture application, enables technicians to capture data from virtually all types of production activities, providing real-time access for management personnel. Both products help producers gain competitive advantage by increasing well production, improving well safety and reducing costly downtime and both applications include full-featured mobile applications supported on any modern smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry).


We encourage you to explore the Fielding Systems website to find out more about what they offer:

As a Microsoft partner we utilize the best of technologies to make our products work for your business. Arecon Data integrates with Microsoft Dynamics to provide a full solution to you business office while automating your field, yard, and production operations.


Arecon Data has formed a strategic alliance with DEN-CON Tool Co to interface with their rugged RFID technology that is proven to handle the harsh oil field conditions.

By attaching DEN-CON RFID tags to equipment and oil tools combined with Oil Country Operation Suite robust features to track the entire history of maintenance, repairs, and history of drill pipe. It is easy to maximize the life of drill strings and prevent down-hole failures.

Contact DEN-CON Tool Co for more information about their RFID technology at