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Due to the inability of financial software to manage mobile assets and tubulars most exploration companies and vendors are  using .xls spreadsheets, paper tracking, a homegrown solution or expensive legacy software using outdated and unsupported platforms such as dos systems.

Oil Country OS takes full control of the supply chain management process and provides a range of services for the Oil & Gas Exploration industry.

Cloud-based platforms allow Exploration and and Production companies the ability to track order progress from planning to installation. Benefits include the following:

  • A single source for tubular supply, inspection, installation and remnant management for global operations or by location
  • Vendor inventory, inspection and document tracking
  • Decreased storage, maintenance and tax costs
  • On location full personnel to consult and train your workforce
  • One source management software for string components, which assures timely delivery of tubular goods and special accessories
  • A single source software for preparation of sub-assemblies and pre-installation of equipment
  • Elimination of redundant tasks via efficient coordination of planning and execution activities


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