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Arecon Data Cloud services provide data storage on the web for small, medium, and large companies that have multiple locations. Data Cloud features include reduced networking infrastructure costs, reduced IT staffing requirements. Capabilities to seamlessly connect multiple locations without building complex network infrastructures. Arecon Data provides user management, auditing, and system maintenance as a part of the service offering.

SAAS (Software as a Service)
Arecon Data is a Software as a Service(SaaS) business providing our customers the best scenario for their industry. Oil Country OS Software is installed on the Customers local PC and connected to the Arecon Data Cloud. Our customers aren’t required to purchase expensive hardware, invest in networking or technical support to manage their database and information and  have the ability to go to our website and purchase the software without the cost and time of traveling; as well Arecon  offers online support, manuals/ video training, on site, and offsite training.

  • Downloadable from website
  • Out of the box model to standardize industry
  • Cost Effective for small to enterprise business
  • Support driven
  • Product built on latest Microsoft Technology
  • Offsite managed data, IT and backup for ease of use and management
  • Well rounded team with extensive business and industry experience


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